Championing UX & Design Thinking through Education

Venture for Canada Internship Program for Young Entrepreneurs

The talk covered

  • What is User Experience & related fields
    — The difference between UX & UI
  • The UX process & how it shapes a product’s development
    — The pipeline of creation & iteration & testing
  • Why UX is important & how it can help businesses
    — Good design in impactful industries like healthcare & education can actually change the world for people in need

In-House UX Talks

The talk covered

  • Competition Analysis
    — Going beyond SWOT
  • User Research
    — Insights through interviews and user testing
  • Personas
    — Make them early and make a few
  • Journey mapping
    — Visualizing player progression in games
  • The Design Process
    — how it could make a better game production gameplan

Mentorship in the Workplace

Over the year, we met monthly to talk about

  • my career journey & UX experience
  • how a UX role manifests within the context of our studio, the broader company, and our industry at large
  • examples of good and bad UX in commonplace digital experiences
  • a critical look at UX in our projects

Humber College Student Game Jam

The talk covered

  • Wireframing
    — Sketches, low or high fidelity mockups
  • Flows
    — Directing users through the experience
  • The Golden Rules of Good UX
    — Basic Do’s and Don’ts
  • Typography
    — Using type to create better hierarchy
  • Colour
    — Understanding balance, contrast & harmony
  • Examples
    — A variety of common game interfaces




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Nora Leca

Nora Leca / ux designer / visual creative / maker / gamer